Use in live / editor mode


It often happens that in live situations, what has been configured at home (widget or sound type or instrument type) is not suitable during live.
So if during the live I need to save a change of volume, sound or other, along with the change you want to save are saved all the changes made on the other sounds made during the live.

I ask if there is or if possible implement a mode that allows you to save only the changes made from a certain moment on excluding the changes made previously.

Thanks in advance for the interest.


Save versions of that gig file no??



If I did this, I would also save the changes to the widget object values (such as the volume of a sound) of a previous rackspace / song used during the concert.

I hope I was clear.


Is that what you’re looking for? (Only update one Rackspace to gig file)


thanks a lot jazzundso was just what I was looking for !!!