Use GP Presets with Widgets

Use GP Presets with widgets.

I know how variations and widgets works.

But can be usefull like controlling patches on a hardware. For example a plugin like Eventide H3000 is easier to control with presets or patches instead of adding a million parameters to the widgets.

I can imagine in heavy plugins can cause crashes but at least gives us the option to enable o disable that feature to try.

Thank You!

With scripting you can load presets for plugins.

Example here
Reference to Global Rackspace

or here
VST3 Presets

Thanks I’ll try that!

Do you think this feature can be added in a future realease at least as “Experimental Feature”?

Using MIDI to change patches on a particular plugin also is a good idea, to control inside the programa virtually por with MIDI capable hardware to send those program changes to the plugin.

When you use different rackspaces, the state of the plugin is recalled automatically.
This is the design of Gig Performer.

It’s a terrible idea - you can’t guarantee instant response and plugins that use samples will delay everything while they load in new samples, or they won’t work at all or worse, they could crash because you’ll start playing before the samples are available.

I know but when switching rackspaces i will lose the tail of the plugin, my idea is to control Reverb n Delay Plugins in Global Rackspace but recalling GPPresets with widgets or at least MIDI CC or Program Changes.
I use to play guitar nowadays all modelers has the tail option. I want to change the preset in the global rackspace so I don’t need multiple instance of the same plugin in global.

I do not understand, when you use reverb in global rackspace, why can’t you use multiple local rackspaces?

I’m also analyzing to put most or all of my plugins in the global rackspace and using GP Presets to switch (but only at ’ on rackspace’ ). The basic idea seems to work.

The gig file I have now (no global rackspace used) is 100 MB and takes about 5 minutes to load.

Any workaround for having tails between rackspaces?
Maybe let the sound thru for some period of time?

I know modelers also have delay in heavy “plugins/blocks” I don’t know how they achieved having tails between presets.

Also If I only use with plugins with 0 latency is not an issue I think

Are you aware of this rackspace settings?


Yes, I’ll stick to that then.
The main idea was to control gppresets with midi or widgets natively. Maybe allow only on 0 latency plugins is a good idea.

Believe me, switching presets in plugins is never a good idea when playing live.

It can be cool to add that feature to variations then, to not multiply so much the rackspaces, if edit the sound of the guitar for example I need to edit in every rackspace, the other way each sound is in separated rackspace.

I currently using, all amps and pedals in rackspaces and all post fx in global, but I want to change that 0 latency plugins from my rackspace to me is better this way than having 3 or 4 rackspaces for the same sound with different fxs

Ok, for sure you can do what you want and what is best for your workflow.
But as scripting is very easy to load a gepreset you already have a solution.

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Can u imagine having “blocks” or set of plugins together that can change in different rackspaces? So new rackspace I insert the block “PEDAL+AMP+CAB” then the thing I want to add before or after that block, the block is always the same and when u edit changes in all your rackspaces, what do u think is a good feature request?

You should open a new post for that.
I know that concept of workstations like Motif where you defined a patch and referenced that patch in a Multi.
But Gig Performer is working differently.

In that workstations when you edited a patch the sound was the same in all Multi’s

I did not like that.

Others could like that.

With use of the global rackspace and clever routing you already have the solution.

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You can think of a good title to refer to that.

The same as inserting a plugin, but when u open inside there is a set of plugins that u can change and affect all your rackspaces.

I need to put it clear so people understand, I don’t speak English natively.

I think I understand, but Gig Performer is designed to work differently.