Use GP and Ableton as 2 separate things?

Hey there,
Is this possible to have GP and Ableton opened and for exemple use Ableton only to trigger midi to hardware synth (with novation launch pro), GP to control 1 or 2 master keyboards.

Yep, absolutely!

You’ll only run in to issues if you have both GP and Ableton reacting to the same MIDI messages - e.g. if CC10 is assigned to both a slider in GP and a knob in Ableton then when that CC is received it will adjust both at the same time. Unless that’s what you want it to do of course!

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I had them both open on the same computer yesterday because I couldn’t export my audio from Ableton Live the way I wanted (first time I used it :grimacing:). So, I used GP to record the Ableton output via an audio loopback. It worked fine.

Thank you !!!

No problem about cpu usage of both ?

As a general rule, no problems.

However ultimately it depends how you use them - if both are heavily plugin laden you are probably going to start seeing some issues. However if I have read your use case fine and are sending out MIDI from live to an external synth - so using it like a sequencer essentially - you will have no issues.

Myself and many others run Live alongside GP all the time and have no issues. I use GP as a complete guitar amp/FX modelling platform so it’s relatively plugin heavy, and then Ableton is mainly running backing tracks/clicks with the occasional soft-synth as well. I have absolutely no problems running those two together :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you !!