Use Arturia FX Bundle for my live vst synths setup?

Hello guys,
I’m about to buy the Arturia FX collection + 3 modulations for 199€ (I have a special offer).
It ends tomorrow, but I’m not sure.
I want to use it for live with my vst synths and keyboards (Omnisphere 2, Keyscape and Arturia V Collection 7).
So I have 3 questions :

  • Does these effects will really make my synths sound better ? If for example I always put pre-amps and compressors, it will always sound better, no ?

  • Does the internal effects of Omnisphere/Arturia could be enough ?

  • Will this be too much CPU-intensive ?

I feel like 199€ is a great price but I want to be sure it will actually be enough improvement of the sound smile

Thanks guys

Pre-Amps can add some saturation which includes harmonic distortion and can make the sound brighter and wider and a compressor can glue the sound.
But you have to setzup correctly, just to use a pre-amp or compressor with standard settings does not always make the sound better, it really depends on the original sound.
And what is most important: You have to check in the whole context and not listen to your sound standalone.

And the internal effects of Omnisphere or Arturia a really good and some of the effect in the effect bundle come from the others Synths from Arturia.

I do have this FX from Arturia and they are not CPU expensive.

Thank you ! I really hesitate, the reverbs look good too, the delays, and with the bundle of 199€ I have the 3 new modulations effects.
But maybe that’s just gear aqusition syndrome !

Mostly I use a compressor like a bus compressor,
so all plguins I play at the same time go to the same compressor.
And at the last stage before the audio out I use a limiter which only is there for safety levels and not to make any louder.
The bus compressor from plugin alliance called bx townhouse is a very super compressor.
But the best compressor is not useful when it introduces much latency because playing live can not use look ahead as a DAW can :nerd_face:

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What limiter do you use?
I think it is a good precaution, especially on stage, when trying wacky improvisations…

I am using this EMO-D5 from Waves

This would be a good alternative

There are several Limiters out there but most of them have a high CPU or introduce latency.

The above limiters are low on CPU and run with 0 ms latency


Thank you for these informations.
:roll_eyes: Seems too complex for my personnal use, although I guess it has suitable presets, but I would prefer only limiter function, without comp,leveler, deesser, modulation, etc.
I must be frugal because of my rather old computer.
I just searched free Windows limiters, and I will try first these toys :wink:.
If the result is not convincing I will look at a more advanced plugin.

Hi @pianopaul,

Looking for a good bus compressor plugin to be used in my live GP keyboard setup.

From your message I understand that the bx townhouse would be a great option with low cpu usage and no/low latency perfect for live performances? Thanks for your thoughts.

Yes, I am using it live.