USB Ports handling in Catalina

Hi everyone,

after waiting quiet some time I updated my MacBook Pro to macOS Catalina these days. I’m using GP together with a babyface in my band setup. Therefore I updated also the RME drivers and the plugins to the latest state and everything worked well when I tested it at home.

Then I went to the rehearsal room and noticed that the midi I/Os that are connected to the babyface are not working anymore while audio was okay.
After testing a bit I noticed, that now the Babyface Midi Device seems to be recognized as a different device now. So as soon as I plug it back to the USB-C port that I use at home it works again.

Luckily I didn’t noticed that issue with the other Midi devices that are connected directly to the Mac. Have you guys noticed the same issue?
Has anyone a solution?
It’s a bit tricky to ensure that these USB cables are always connected to the exact same port.


The raison d’etre for the Rig Manager

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Rig Manager is nice and I´m using it already.

  • I still have to change my midi output device. Which can also be done easily.
  • And the Global Midi Controls like moving between rackspaces are not connected to the Rig Manager. So these have to be assigned manually again.

Don´t worry. I don´t want to blame GP in any way. I just wanted to ask if this really is something that was changed in MacOS Catalina. Before it was irrelevant which USB port I used.

Maybe it´s possible to incorparate the Rig Manager with the Global Midi controls in the future.


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The global MIDI controls can use Rig Manager names. See screen shot below, note the two areas within the dark blue rectangles.