USB Pedal board

Hello, I’m a french newbie on GP community, very happy to be here with you.
What kind of reliable and not heavy usb gear would you advice me ? I’m thinking to this : Beat Bars E&F2M is it a good choice ? working with usb control keyboards with no expression pedal.

Pedals like behringer fb1010 seem to heavy for me.

thanks for your help.


Can you tell us what kind of pedals you WANT/NEED? There are many approaches including devices that will convert regular expression pedals into USB signals, e.g.

Welcome to the GP community forum, we are also happy to see you here :wink:
I also use the audiofront units. But what are you own needs? Only an expression pedal?

Yes, it weighs in at 9 1/2 pounds! It’s also 27 inches wide! I just received a brand new one from thomannmusic[.]com, but they shipped a European standard current of 230 V (and 50 Hz) with European style plug. I live in the US, so this brand new pedal board cannot be used without transformer and adapter for the plug. Any GP in the EU need a new FB1010? I’ll make you a great deal :slight_smile:


There was another post in the community about a guy that converted his FCB1010 to phantom power (also part of the Tinybox kit) - I have reincluded the link below. If you are into projects you can do a search for “convert Behringer FCB101 to 120v power” and check the various articles about all the crazy and wonderful things people have done with their pedalboard. Apparently there were also units sold in Europe that were convertible to either 120 or 230 by removing a cover plate. According to Behringer you can also order spare parts on Musictribe. These may be less expensive than shipping the unit back to Europe. DMV used to make a phantom kit for it for $35 but unfortunately no longer available.

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Thanks, @CruiseCycle, those are some awesome ideas if I get stuck with this pedal board. I own a few Behringer products, and I’m very happy with them. The FB1010 is heavy at 9 1/2 pounds, and it is so wide, it really takes up too much space under my keyboard stand.
But if push comes to shove, I may just convert it with the info you provided. Thanks again.

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If six switches are enough, this one could do the trick:
Blackstar Live Logic – Musikhaus Thomann

It’s likewise small (compared to the big Behringer pedal board) and of a good build quality, the button’s LEDs work with bidirectional MIDI feedback, it’s configurable… but i haven’t tried the additional EXP port yet, but i guess this will work too.

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Hello, I’m looking for an usb board that can use a expression, sustain, program change pedal.
but not too heavy because I need to travel by plane ( a light weight of my suitcase is very important )
thanks a lot

thanks for you help.
I would need a expression and sustain pedal…it would be nice to have also a Program change pedal. is this one a good choice ? Beat Bars E&F2M – Thomann France

Thanks a lot, I’ll see it.

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this what use – a usb controller

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This will allow to convert to MIDI a regular expression pedal and two switches.


also available for keyboards ?

The Keith McMillan SoftStep 2 does everything you are looking for and very lightweight and compact - as in throw it in your suitcase or backpack. It’s programming capabilities are huge as well - there are very few devices that get any more flexible than that - unless you want to go with a Tinybox conversion of the Behringer FCB1010 which allows you to run emulations of the controller on other devices like an iPad.


It seems to be very cool as it is small, has everything you requested and seem to be fully MIDI configurable and therefore perfectly suited to be used with GP.

Not sure my answer was clear, but I think we were both talking about this one:

I’ve bought it today…not received yet. please, how do map with that gear the " Next " and " Previous " presets on VSTI’s ?

There is not general answer to this question. It depends from the plugin and changes from one plugin to another, when it is possible at all.

I never switch presets in plugins, i only switch rackspaces, variations or song parts, and for those purposes GigPerformer offers corresponding global midi options.