USB-C Hub for MacBook

Hey GP’ers,

i’m looking for a good USB-C Hub for my MacBook.

I need the following things definitely:
Min. 3x USB

  • 2x Keyboard (or other USB Devices)
  • 1x Interface

Min 2x USB-C

  • Power
  • SSD



  • Card Reader
  • Ethernet

What do you guys use?

Anker, Belkin has served me well.
You can always combine (say a USB-A + a USB-C hubs)

I have found the Anker hubs to be very reliable

I’m currently using this one

Thanks to you guys,… i found the solution of combining,.,… first of all it wont werk,… but now it works!

I use CalDigit TS3+ It has lots of ports and powers the MacBook.