Urs Heckmann I ran 3 Zebralette 3s in Gig Performer

Urs Heckmann’s Zebralette 3 free (beta) precursor to his update to Zebra is out and if you are a synth head your synth head is much more likely to explode due to this beast. I won’t spoiler alert it but it’s all pretty seriously impressive.

It is rather CPU hungry as most U-he products are but I did manage to get three instances to run on an 8-core 4.2GHz Ryzen 7 reasonably comfortably, with a bunch of MIDI-CC induced modulations happening. I think VST code tends to hate my guts.

Urs overviews it personally (and quite technically) here:

And here’s Sonicstate’s more NAMM show floor friendly interview with Urs here;

I suspect this Zebra 3 project is a serious monster for sound design, and Zebralette 3 is proving to me it’s a formidable beastie. You are going to have SO much fun with this thing.

Don’t forget that Zebralette3 is in a public beta version to help the developer improve the plugin thanks to feedback from users.
I’ve already sent some information, in particular about the excessive cpu consumption of the oscillators spectrum curve in certain presets.

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I mention this here because it’s designated for sound design in Gig Performer. My own curiosity is now drawing me to pull the shrink wrap off Gig Performer’s latest auto sampling features, which could pair so well with sound design using any CPU hungry designer softsynth.

EDIT: Come to think of it that technique could also get me past limitations in a beta product. As long as it can make it though a sampling session… hmm.