UPS for mini pc

Building a rig based on Geekom mini pc and Im starting to consider if I need a UPS.
Can anyone recommend one they use. Starting to wonder if I should have gone down a laptop route!

I’m using an Eaton 3S 550 to run my Lenovo mini PC, a tablet charger and also my Roland Fantom 07 on the battery protected sockets… the non-battery sockets run my 2 Alto TS408 floor wedges.


I use this one

Line-interactive is the keyword in your selection :wink:

I have all my keyboards, laptop, audio I/f, WiFi, switch, mixer, wireless receivers and IEM connected.
No power problems anymore (even disoriented Guitar/bass players or drummers are now able to unplug power without shutting down all these system :crazy_face: )

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Are you planning on using that as your main and only power source, or are you going to use this to make the stage dummy proof (as @tripleB suggests)?

Providing power for a few minutes is not too difficult. Providing power for a 3 hour performance is a whole other story.

Eaton and APC are brands that spring to mind. The weight is at least linear with time of battery autonomy you need.

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I use this with my mini pc on festivals - it keeps it running for 1.5 hrs


I don’t quite understand: do you mean that you use it for 1.5 hrs powered by the mains without a mains power cut?
How long can it power your appliances in the event of a mains power cut?

Just a few minutes…to avoid rebooting pc after short power glitch.

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Then you’ve a lot of choice. I would always buy one that’s bigger than I need, to compensate for decreasing performance over time (especially the batteries will deteriorate).

So I basically want a small one for just a few minutes to fit in rack case and cover power glitches.

The problem is those things are very heavy

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Can power my mini pc rig for 1.5 hrs on ups battery alone

Buying one that’s too small after some time, is still heavy. They’re alway too heavy :grinning:

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Yes great idea for a UPS. Funny story: we use to play this small club and our power would trip in the last set. I had a UPS so all was ok with me. After our stage power tripped a few times, we traced it back to a portable pizza oven that was in the kitchen on the same circuit. Late at night… ordering a frozen pizza from the bar was a common thing.


…from the trenches, LOL :laughing:

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This one weighs less than 6 lbs. and dimensions are 10” X 5.5” X 4.1”.

I’ve always used these live. Have replaced a few over the years (using them for over 10 years, 150+ shows a year) but they are solid and keep my equipment from turning off when there are minor power interruptions.

CyberPower ST425

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