Upgrade SATA-300 5400rpm to Samsung 860 Evo SSD?


Part I
Hoping this could be a short-term solution (.vs new laptop) – for situation where I have to quickly restart GP in the middle of a show.

Can I expect a big speed improvement in loading ~75 rackspaces**? Or because of the SATA-300’s “limited” bandwidth, it won’t improve much? What about loading VSTs and samples (Omni + Kontakt primarily)?

Part II
Samsung offers a cloning tool to use with the Evo – I’m worried about authorizations Spectrasonics, NI, Korg, etc…

Anyone have experience cloning a drive and dealing with auths?


[** I guess I could break down the show into sets to save time.]


Using the Predictive Loading feature (advanced options page) seems to cut down the initial load time of a big (75 Rackspace) Gig file, considerably.


Yes, I do use that feature (only +/-1), but it still could take what seems to be a long time when you’re in the middle of a song :wink:

I’d be interested in knowing user’s typical startup times for their gigs.


Why do you have to restart GP in the middle of a show?


I haven’t pinpointed the cause for the few freezes (in 60+ shows since purchased) – but I’ll try to describe the scenario as best as I can!

I have two midi controllers, a Novation SL MKiii and a LaunchKey Mini, the first time I played a note on the Mini (triggering an Omnisphere patch with the Arp on), something stopped the audio. Re-plugging the USB audio interface did not fix it. The Midi indicator would still be flashing as expected; the Panic button did not resolve it neither.

So, after those incidents, I always test certain rackspaces during setup/sound check that utilize both controllers, just to be sure.

I have to close GP and reload, and all is fine once again.

Thanks for the reply!


Mac or Windows?
Also, when you get that freeze, does double-clicking on the PANIC button work? (Double clicking resets the audio engine)


Windows 10. Didn’t know the double-clicking trick – I’ll have time tomorrow to try to reproduce the issue. I’ll report back…Thanks again!


Also, what audio interface are you using, what drivers are you using?
Actually, I just realized you posted this on the Windows forum so I need not have asked for the OS (sigh)


Audio interface is an old Roland UA-1G, using ASIO4ALL drivers.