Updates and Plugin Alliance Full/Unlocked Version?

I see the PA “Unlocked” version is at 3.7.0 but the current is 3.7.1. Does it work to install the latest version from this website, or is it necessary to wait for PA to update and download there?


No, they are different. PA is using their own licensing system, their version has templates for PA plugins and it is up to them as to when they will release updates. Our updates will not activate with their licenses.

ok, good to know thanks!

On a similar note, I am trying to decide whether to purchase the one from PA. Is that right then that its not really a fully licensed version or that there may be some problem with upgrades in the future if PA were ever to end that relationship ?

You made your own analysis, but whatever you decide, in the community forum other users will answer your questions regardless to your GP version.

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Uhm, that isn’t the question I asked.

From what i’ve read for now, i tend to the opinon that the PA-editions might be considered as an independent branch of the GigPerformer tree… so at the moment you’ll get some benefits by choosing the PA edition (i.e. some templates for their own plugins), but they might follow their own path regarding updates and upgrades.
Maybe one of the devs will have a better answer for you…
But as David-San already mentioned: In case of any issues, you will get all the help we can give - regardless of your GP version, that’s for sure. :+1: :beers:

The PA offers 2 versions of GP

  1. The “PA-Version” which works for all PA Plugins you own
  2. The “Unlocked Version” that works for every plugin like the Deskew version does
  3. PA has an upgrade path from the PA edition to their “unlocked version”

Both versions are available as perpetual licenses or as part of a subscription plan (which is why their licensing system is different from ours)

Should the business relationship ever end, which obviously we do not expect (we love PA!), there would be a way to cross-grade to the Deskew version.

Our community members (all volunteers by the way) are just trying to help. Ongoing support is often a relevant factor.

These forums are quite vibrant and available to everybody.

Thanks that does answer my question!

I also got a response from PA. What they told me also was that they are not going to be publishing minor releases, only major ones. Which means, I guess, no bug fixes with the PA version. So for example, right now they are at 3.7.0 instead of 3.7.1…and the way their response sounded, they don’t have any plan to also publish the 3.7.1.

I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon and evening playing around with Giga Performer PA demo and I’m quite impressed with the product.

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I wonder if that means they will update at 3.8 or 4.0? Perhaps it depends on what the changes are.

hmm, i bought GP3 at PA.
if a had newed this thread here, and would have had more time to test GP3 ( i had not much time since the sale at PA was not lasting much longer, just a few weeks back)
would i have bought GP3 directly at Deskew, much likely !

there is another thing i just figoured out:
on the deskew OG version can you deactivate and activate licenses directly from the help menu.
( guess its main idea is to use it when you´re updating the OS, see here
https://gigperformer.com/gig-performer-licenses-and-activation-policy/ …)

that would be a handy thing in cases like one has to setup a new computer or would want to test something,
so one could just “deactivate” the license on one machine and use the other for necessary tests.
on the other side is the PA version per se MacOS and win, both.

i for example have a Win test system which would be my 4th computer.
…and i consider right now to install my GP* license on all my computers plus soem selected VST FX, the win machine beeing my 4th computer then.

can´t say right now about PA and if i also just could decative/activate my licenses there also in a similar way.

when i bought GP3 was i not aware how great it really is ----> for me.
guess it would have been worth it for me to pay a bit more…:wink:

Well, so basically the PA license appears to not be limited to one OS. So I could get that version and switch to PC later no cost. Also with their current sale and coupon its only $79 if I act before midnight tonight.

Also, the Gigfile templates PA provided are quite nice to be honest.

What I don’t like is that they have confirmed to me that they don’t plan to update minor releases. The developer of GP appears to be very actively working on the product and probably if i were to buy GP I would want to be getting those m minor releases.

Its possible I will pass on the PA version because I don’t like missing the minor releases, especially from a product like this where the dev is actively involved and working on the product and interacting with the user base on a daily basis! Kudos for that!

However, I also don’t have a pressing need for the product at the current price point either because I’m not playing live, so I may end up passing on it for now and come back to it later at full price if the need comes up. For now I’m just putting it through the 14 day trial as best I can.

But we’ll see, I am definitely impressed with the product. Much easier to configure then MainStage. MainStage cannot touch even close the flexibility of being able to cable together plugins however desired. RigManger is cool too. Setting up widgets is monumentally easier than MainStage.

None of us are — but we’re all rehearsing in anticipation of being able to go back out on the road :slight_smile:


With PA license, you can activate/deactivate your licences for a specific computer online in your license management. As for all PA products, you can use them at 3 devices simultaneously.

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