Update to v4

hi, i have buy gig performer 3 on plug in alliance web page and i want to update it to v4
i have buy it the 17 avril 2021 …

plugin alliance said they are on holidays and for more information i have to see with you.
what can i do please ?



GP4 will be released in June. Plugin Alliance will have their own upgrade path for customers who purchased Gig Performer 3 from them.

And Deskew going on holiday at the beginning of June? :wink:

Deskew does not even know how to spell “holiday” :wink:
Seems they are working day and night for us.


I remember holidays!

Same as me, in a different century.

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Can I have a slice? Does it come wrapped??

GP, :smile: All Day And All Of The Night

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What else :mask::mask::mask::mask::mask:

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