Update of IP in OSC Setup is not leveraged by Widgets

I was hoping that if I changed an IP in OSC setup using “Manage OSC Targets” that the widgets using that Target Name would work with the new IP Address assigned to that Target Name (sometimes different devices are used for the same thing at different times or IP addresses change). It ends up that if I update the IP in the settings that every widget tied to that device name needs to get updated manually to use that new IP by re-selecting the OSC Target Name. That’s dangerous, hard to catch, and annoying :slight_smile: Is that how it is supposed to work? Seems the Name should be used by the Widget to do lookups so that widgets do not have to be edited if an IP of a device/function needs an update. Thoughts? Am I missing something? Or is something broken? Thanks much fore insights!

This could be improved. We don’t want widgets to do lookup every time so the ip address is cached by the widget. But we are only doing that when you save the OSC name. It’s probably easy to make this happen when you change an address as well.


Maybe on load and when requested …add a re-scan button sort of like managing VST plugins…Save the name in the Widget cache and refresh it on load (so a bounce would work) or do it when requested.

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No need for stuff like that — this is already fixed for next release - it will update seamlesly - thanks for reporting the problem.