Unrelated to GP Stream Deck issue

Last resort for this query, and forgive me it’s not related to GP at all really , but there are smart cookies here and Stream Deck users so why not , desperate times call for GP user brains .

I have a MBP M2 2023 Ventura 13.6.3 , it’s a work laptop , I have admin access and I can log out of user and in as admin …
The Stream Deck works fine on the admin side , on the user side it seems like it’s only one way communication from the app to the hardware Stream Deck mini , in my user account I can’t launch any buttons they do nothing , I can however use the Configure Stream Deck app to set the screensaver , set buttons to system functions , the icons appear on the Stream Deck and it works like one would think , yet the buttons do not launch any associated action , plug ins installed sure , though none of the commands launch , I’ve poured over the accessibility checks in System Settings ad infinitum , nothing gets traction.
Just slowly assume the admin user to my apps etc is the only way to get this Stream Deck to work , my user account seems impossible for this Stream Deck , it also works fine on any other Mac I have , at least Intel Macs , and it runs on my preferred MacBook Arm processor , Ventura , but only in Admin user … what the ?

What happens when you create a completely new user account?

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I’m apprehensive to use any remaining storage space but yeah that’s a good idea to try and diagnose what’s the issue with my user account …

one thing that works is using the Bitfocus Companion as a replacement for the Elgato Configure software , it’s also much more flexible than the Elgato software, haven’t figured out what I can do with it in GP yet , but there is a module for reaper so WIN !