Unofficial release of version


Although we are hard at work on Gig Performer Version 2 (and yes, we’ll be looking for some suitably qualified beta testers soon), we wanted to release a 1.x update with an important fix. In particular, several customers reported a problem where, when they learned a MIDI note event to control something, the same MIDI note was being blocked even if it was on another channel.
Turns out that this was a trivial bug to fix so we did. HOWEVER, for now, we do not want to make this version be an automatic update for customers until those who use this MIDI learn feature have had a chance to test/update their gigs and possibly relearn the MIDI events on the desired channel. We will leave this version “live but unofficial” for a few weeks. Please download using one of the links below and try it out. It should fix the problem for those of you who wanted to be able to use pads on a keyboard controller (that typically use channel 10 or 16) to control Gig Performer without impacting your use of the keyboard itself, which is typically on channel 1.

Let us know how it goes.