Uneven Metronome?

Has anyone found GP’s built-in metronome to provide uneven clicks?

Specifically, I experience a slight delay every 6-8 beats. I cannot tell whether the metronome ‘catches up’ between the delayed beats, or whether the time is ‘lost.’ On one of my faster songs (138bpm) the metronome tick even fails to play on every 6th-8th beat.

This might be an artifact of of Dante and/or Dante Virtual Soundcard, but all the Dante literature suggests this should not be an issue. (I will test using the built-in headphone output at some point to compare.)

Just wanted to see whether anyone else noticed this in their setup.


In Gip Performer 4?

I hadn’t played with the metronome prior to GP4.

can you record it and upload as wav?

Yes, I’ll try to do so this evening.

After England - Denmark ?

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0-1 for Denmark… for the moment :wink:
1-1 now :wink: and finally 2-1 for England…

So what about the metronome🧐

Nope. My music tech endeavours are quite enough of a hobby without trying shoehorn in a love of sport!

any incoming midi clocks?

Er, yes.
My phone sends midi beat clock.
The beat clock is actually unnecessary, but the MMC commands (enabled by the same slider in my app) ARE necessary.

I need to go convert the audio I just recorded, that may be a bit.

Note that I have tried disengaging the clock signals from my phone and the issues continue.

Disengaging Ableton Link also does not help.

There was a bug related to MIDI clocks that has been fixed in the maintenance release 4.0.52 – are you using that version?

Here are audio files of the uneven metronome.
I’m not referring to the sketchiness at the beginning, I’m ok with that as the sync stuff gets sorted. I’m more concerned about the subtle-but-present misplaced beats that show up with regularity after the initial wonkiness has been sorted out.

There was a bug related to MIDI clocks that has been fixed in the maintenance release 4.0.52 – are you using that version?

I believe I am up to date on all three computers, but I will double-check this evening.

How do you reproduce this exactly? Which app are you using to generate the clock, how are things configured etc…

Tempo is set from a “Show Control” Mac Mini running GP with tempos configured in each song. From there it travels over Ableton Link to other computers. Start/Stop and Song Select messages are controlled from Band Helper on my iPhone and sent via BomeNetwork Pro over the LAN to the Show Control Mac. As mentioned earlier, the iPhone sends beat clock as well, only because it cannot currently be disabled and sent separately from Start/Stop. This is also a weak link as it is the only WiFi connection in the system. In any case, the issue persists with the iPhone disconnected from the system.

Yes, all three computers running GP are in (and have been on) 4.0.52.

I answered your query above, but forgot to quote/reply.

I’m not sure I understand this correctly. IS the tempo coming from outside GP or is it pre-set in your rackspaces or songs?

Does this mean you have two sources of MIDI clock?

Tempo is set in the songs of the show pc (override global tempo.)

All I desire from my phone is to control GP’s tempo start and stop functions. Currently this is happening via Midi Start and Midi Stop commands from my phone. Unfortunately midi start and stop are only flags interpolated into a midi clock stream … which means I’m generating midi clock from my phone and expecting GP to ignore and override it. I assumed this was the root of the problem, but I then discovered that GP’s uneven clicks remained uneven with my phone removed from the system entirely, so I believe the phone to be a red herring. Regardless, I should map start/stop to a widget and control that from my phone instead of sending inadvertent clock through my system.

So, ignoring the phone, there are three computers synced over ableton link. None are sending or receiving midi clock. I do not remember whether I tested things with link disabled. (I believe I turned off link to record those examples, but now I’ll need to check again to be sure.) I am curious how link and GP determine which instance of GP sets the tempo and which instances follow. The “show pc” is intended to act as master.