UI24R and GP

greetings. I would like to combine UI24 R and GiG Performer application. I connected NB and UI24R via usb used for recording. I can set up Soundcraft USB Audio Asio in GIG Performer. but effects are not heard in GIG Performer. can you advise if there is any way to break it up?

Hi I also use a Ui24R and GP. What do you want to achieve? Which effects in which situation can you not hear?

You are aware of the USB channel mapping of the UI24R?

Hi, I don’t know much about mapping. please write an example if I want e.g. use stereo reverb on one channel and stereo delay on the other, how to map UI24R.

What version of GP are you running?


I still do not understand, what you want to do: do you want to use GP as an external effect unit, do you want to use the Ui24R effects for??? in GP? What do you use GP for?

Thank you for your attention. yes, I want to use GP for sound effects. I solved the routing today, so I’m already learning how to control GP. I’m a bit limited by routing to the UI24R. So far I have only used channels 23 and 24. I don’t want to occupy other channels that I will use for instruments and vocals. Too bad there are no virtual channels for USB return. would it be suitable after 32. in which configuration are you using UI24R?

Good to hear :slight_smile:

I use 2 USB channels to provide my GigPerformer Keyboards Rig to the UI24R routed to the channel 23/24. This saves me a pair of analog inputs and avoids double DA and AD conversion. Sometimes I also provide 2 additional ambient mics (I’m on Mac and can aggregate my Focusrite Scarlett with the UI24. Within GP i can then route the analog ins of the Scarlett to the Ui24 as well :slight_smile: )

However the USB interface on the Ui24R is quite sensitive to mains power in live situations. There are some discussions on the FB groups about this.

Otherwise the UI24R is a real working horse!

I had no problem with USB. I also made multi-track recordings in Cubase and events that lasted 10 hours. I use online UPS just in case