UAD VST GUI Blank problem

Hello UAD users!
I have been searching the web and this forum but I have not found any answers as to why my UAD powered plugins, but only the vst versions, open a GUI window that is completely blank. The same plugin in AU version works as expected. I thought that it may be a UA problem, but I can open all the UA VST’s in Live with no issues. So I am thinking there is something in the way GP4 is working with the UAD VST that is causing the issue. I have re-scanned the plugs and the results are the same. I only recently moved from the Plugin Alliance version of “GP Unlocked” to the regular version of GP. I wonder if there is some issue with the PA version of GP that is causing this. It seems that I am the only person having this issue.

Did you create a new gig with the regular version of GP?

See the second section of this article.

Hi Paul - thanks for the suggestion! I should have tried that. I did just create a new gig with the regular version of GP and the results are the same. Maybe I need to completely remove GP and start with a fresh installation.

Thanks for the link! That was very informative. I may try removing GP completely and re-installing without that PA version on the machine. But first I may contact tech support on this.
Thank you!

The only thing different between the PA version and the Deskew version is the licensing system. We would certainly be interested to know if it does.

I just sent a request to PA support to see if they have any experience with this issue. Pending that answer, I will see if GP support has any idea about this. If not, I think the clean install is what I will have to do. I hope I can save and reuse my gigs… That represents a lot of work that might be lost.

I am part of GP support and we’ve told you our ideas :slight_smile:

Sorry - I did not realize that! Thanks for the help. I will keep you posted on how it turns out.

Funny, I just found this post now…I have been experiencing the same issue with UAD VSTs in GP4 (and previously in GP3) on my MBP for as long as I can remember. I had contacted UA some time ago; however, the issue was never resolved.

I simply gave up and switched to the AU versions instead. :man_shrugging:

Well, I finally have it resolved. Running the latest update to UA software, VST3 versions and updated the laptop to Big Sur. Was able to reclaim a good deal of SSD space by deleting all the larger AU plugs. So hopefully I can stave off any need for upgrading the computer to an Apple M2 for awhile more. The thought of transferring all my software authorizations to a new computer, getting all the updates and getting everything running again is the thing of nightmares…Good luck!

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