UAD Apollo 8 QUAD inputs not working in GP3. iMac Late 2015 i7 4GHz Mojave

The Apollo works fine with the PA plugins in Logic. I bought Gig Performer 3. Tried PA and Stand Alone. It shows the Apollo interface input and output. Kontakt loads fine and connects to the Apollo outputs fine. When I connect any Apollo input channel to a plugin, there is no input signal received. Connecting any Apollo audio channel input to Brainworks Rooms produces no signal on the reverb input. The same input signals get in to Logic fine.
Any suggestions?

Hi Frank, could you give a bit more info on what you did? Maybe post a screenshot of how you’ve set things up. That way it’s easier to see what you did or how you can improve set-up (if that’s the case).
Also, all software (including GP) is updated to the latest release?

If you double clic the audio block of your Apollo interface in GP, in order to display the gains and meters, do you observe any activity when playing your guitar?

Thanks for the reply.
Here is a screen shot. In the upper left is the UAD console showing active inputs signals on Analog 1, 4, and 5.
GP3 is on the right. The inputs show no signals. In the lower left The Brainworks verb shows no input signals. Note The GP3 Midi in uses Kontakt with the Brainworks verb and the UAD Lexicon reverb (using the UAD DSPs) all off which work fine and get to the outputs fine. The GP3 Audio Out (Universal Audio Thunderbolt) output meters (Chan 1 + 2 here) and the GP3 plugin meters all show signals when using the MIDI chain. The GP3 and UAD (firmware) are all the latest versions. In Audio Midi setup, the Apollo is selected for I + O. Without making any changes, when I launch Logic, all 3 audio inputs work. The Apollo is the clock source at 44.1 kHz.

Could it be possible that you accidentally did not give permission for GP to use your “microphone”?

Go to your system preferences -> Security & Privacy - > Microphone and make sure that GP has access to it.

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 7.22.13 AM

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Giving GP3 access to the microphone did it!
I am delighted that I can use the DSP power from my UAD Interface and Satellite inside of GP3.
I have a 14 year son who is also learning guitar. Now I can buy him a UAD interface as well and we can both use GP3. His MacBook Pro 15" only has 16 GB RAM but has the newer i9 processor. Using UAD with GP3 will help us avoid CPU processing limits.
Thank you all so much!


As soon as your son can build his own gig file and enter the GP community, please, ask him to visit this topic: :wink:


Will do!

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