Two Pianoteq questions (Pro purchased!)

These questions are for existing Pianoteq users.

  1. Do any of you have the Standard or Pro version AND use the extra features not found in Stage? If so, how important is that to you?

  2. Which of the grand piano instrument add-ons would you recommend?

It seems to me that I’d be better off buying the Stage version and buying one or two extra instruments in addition to the two that come with the Stage version. I want the Uprights for sure, so I’m looking for recommendations for the top 2 or 3 grands. All of the grands descriptions are basically “works for all genres”. Not very helpful. I’ve got a couple of Steinway D VIs and VI Labs 3 True Keys and Ravenscroft 275 VIs plus some other 3rd party pianos.

Steinway D is a classic choice
Then there is the rock version, which is a Yamaha.
If you are into classical Petrof is a must
I don’t remember why I bought standard version, but I like to play with some parameters

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I played a Yamaha Concert Grand in school back in the late '60s. Nice piano. When I studied with the soloist for the St. Louis Philharmonic in the early '60s, she had a Steinway D at home that I used. My mother had a little 6 1/2 Kawai that was also fun to play. I’m kind of stuck between going with the classics or trying a road less travelled. I am not familiar with Petrofs. Will have to give them a listen.

I found this interesting Steinway D vs. Petrof video on YT. Do the Pianoteq implementations exhibit this playing technique difference?

I am a rock guy. Cannot support you at this detail level. For my use Steinway with a simple eq and compression gives the right tool for me on stage

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you can load the Pianoteq Demo, and have access to ALL Pianoteq instruments !

limitation is: some notes over the keyboard range are muted.
But: in some keys you can circumwent around this to some degree. (Em or Fm iirc )
ahhh, and it runs only for 20 minutes. Then the programm has to be reloaded to run again.

Also if you buy it, are all models available. Same situation: the ones you don´t own, just in “Demo mode”.

I´d demo it ! create a picture yourself !

Steinway D is definitly a strong contender. Its in fact two ones, “NY” and “HB”.
The D has raised alots of praise since that last big update, when many models have been polished/renewed.

The Bechstein would make for example for a nice complementary Grand to it. More crisp and clear.

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I second a vote for this one too. It’s probably my favorite.


I have the Pro version and it has been my goto for years. Somewhere along the point release of version 6, some magic happened and it just works and sounds amazing. It also behaves beautifully in that its CPU usage goes back down to almost zero when it’s not making any sound.

Also, somewhere on our website, there’s a form you can fill in to request a 10% discount for Pianoteq.




Thanks for the responses, my virtual friends. I marked @Funky40 's reply as the solution, but appreciate everyone’s contribution. I saw Gig Performer listed on the Pianoteq site. I will use the form @npudar linked to to request the discount.

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I have been trying many, many different piano VSTs and have settled upon PianoTeq for my main piano sound and of their pianos, I settled on the Steinway D as my main default piano sound for gigging.

The Electric Pianos and Hohner collection are great for EPs and Clavs too.


How would you compare their Electric Pianos to AAS’s Lounge Lizard (which I like a lot)?

Electric pianos on pianoteq are very good because you can tune physical parameters and create weird percussive sounds. From little tweaking to crazy things. I use a lot CP70.
But at the end for a Rhodes I am always using Scarbee inside Komplete. Same for Wurly.
Amp simulation inside Komplete is magic


I have Scarbee’s Classic EP-88s for Kontakt. That is a good one.

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Discount received. Pro v7 purchased and installed. After dealing with so many sampled instruments and the associated gigabytes of samples, Pianoteq downloaded and installed FAST. I selected the Steinway D, Bechstein, Yamaha and Uprights packs. Looking forward to playing them.

Thanks again, everyone!


Nice :+1:

I do love pianoteq (I have the studio version) but in the end, I prefer using Vienna Imperial and the main reason is the pedal noise. That pedal noise sounds bad on every piano on pianoteq and sounds so natural on Vienna Imperial. That said pianoteq is really an interesting piano to play with, especially since we have a lot of other instruments as well. Organteq is very nice too (although it is very CPU hungry especially with higher stops).

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I will be interesting to see if Pianoteq v8 offers inprovements in that area, or if the current v7 Pro and maybe Standard versions offer some pedal noise mods that Stage doesn’t.

Well, I have the studio version (which is the pro + all models) and bad pedal noise is what I dislike ;). We’ll see if V8 helps when it comes out.

What noises do you get? Aren’t they adjustable from the ACTION dialog?