Two Pianos

I have coded a basic script with the intention of:

 1) Playing the DX7 without playing the Celeste
 1) then sustaining the DX7 notes played when I depress the
     sustain pedal
 2) then any notes played while holding down the sustain pedal
      will be played ONLY
     on the Celeste without sustaining them
 3) then when I release the sustain pedal, both DX7, as well as
     the Celeste, will stop playing and the sustain will be defeated

Unfortunately, I am doing something wrong! I think I have to send a note-off message for the DX7 sustained notes … but I don’t know how to generate an event? Help?

I have included my simple rackspace.

TwoPianos.gig (34.2 KB)

Does this work?

On NoteOnEvent(m : NoteMessage) from Zebra1
    if ccv == 127 then
        SendNow(Zebra2, Transpose(m, 12))
        SendNow(Zebra1, m)
    // send note off message here for Zebra1

@edm11 Thanks for all notes off statement (AllNotesOff(Zebra1)`). However, my solution does not work as intended, so I am playing with AutoSustainer. When I have a good solution, I will publish it. :slight_smile:

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