Two keyboards for global midi assingment?

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I hope you are all doing fine :slight_smile:
Me quite nice, I’ve released my last album 3 months ago and it has been quite well received.
Here’s a little blues for this new year :

More seriously :
I have a gig in 2 days with a band where ideally I’d like to change between presets with 2 differents keyboards.
Sometimes I’ll be in front of an Acoustic Piano with an A-800 on top, I’ve assigned it (the roland) to make the variation/rackspace changes. But sometimes I’ll be in front of a stage piano and my roland will be a bit far to change between rackspace.

Is there a way to have two keyboards assigned to make changes of rackspace ?

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Does this help ?(note, earlier version of GP, but maybe still helpful):


Use the system actions plugin

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Are you on Mac?

Yes !

One solution could be using an aggregated midi device

I think this might be the solution :))

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The issue for him (I think) is that you can only assign one MIDI item to each Global MIDI Option. The System Actions plugins was originally designed specifically to alleviate that restriction.

Yes, this seems perfect.
I’ve tried it with the A-800, and I will try this with the 88 keys friday ! There’s no reason this doesn’t work :slight_smile:
Very nice alternative that’s infinitely applicable ?

Hi @Dextroze. Yes, definitely, that’s what I do all the time. With this solution you can even decide to move within a set of Rackspaces used for a specific song without leaving these Rackspaces (I usually use my unused piano pedal for this, and I am always a bit scared by the idea of missing the sustain pedal and pressing n-times the next/previous pedals).
You can also decide that for the song planned on Keyboard A, Keyboard B won’t be able to switch the Rackspaces. Following this approach, I can even customise the action of my next/previous pedals using GPScript: a long press on a pedal reverts to the previous variation when released (very helpfull for brass hits).


Wow that’s crazy :)))
Thank you !