Two Hammond Drawbars Set in One

I’m using two different master keyboards to control an Hammond VST but i have just a single set of drawbars only on the upper keyboard (vmk 161 organ). In G.P. would it be possible, with a switch button, to use the single set of drawbars on the master keyboard to alternatively (in a separate way not together) control the two set drawbars of the plugin (upper and lower manuals)? As the most of hammond expanders hardware on market

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Hi @MErre
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What Organ VST are you using?

Thanks, GSI VB3 II

OK, please upload a simple gig file with that plugin and the widgets mapped to the upper drawbar.

Gig VB3 Test.gig (171.0 KB)

Thanks, i’m new, I’m still learning

Quick&Dirty, try this

Gig VB3 Test.gig (172.3 KB)


Wow, It works perfectly, thank you very much