Two faders linked in the Audio Mixer plugin

Hi there,

In GP 4.7, I am using a 16-channel audio mixer plugin and for a reason I don’t understand, the faders for channels 9-10 and 11-12 are linked together, i.e. if I move one, the other moves as well.

It is of course not the intended behavior, I want the faders to be independent.

Anything wrong I have made? I don’t see in the documentation the way to get there.


I cannot reproduce.
Can you upload a small gig file showing the issue?

No widgets? You are just moving the faders in the mixer (with you mouse, etc.)?

Yes. And to pianopaul’s question, I usually don’t reproduce and only have that behavior in two large gigs with many instruments. One with this 16-channel mixer, and one with a 8-channel mixer, where 1-2 and 3-4 are linked.

Btw, I just upgraded to 4.8 praying that the issue could be fixed, but nothing has changed.


Note that in these gigs, I have other audio mixers that work just fine.

Ok, can you export a problematic rackspace and upload this rackspace?

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Well, that’s probably because nobody has ever reported a problem like you describe :wink:

In these two larges gigs you have probably linked this two channels faders. Do you have fader or knob widgets in these gigs ? Do you have widgets mapped to the mixer ? Are the widgets mapped to the mixer linked together ? Or are they controlled by the same MIDI controller ?

What do you move exactly and how exactly ? (Do you move the faders in the Mixer plugin window ? Do you use widgets ? Do you use fader/knobs of your controller?)

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Hi there,
thanks for your questions that led me to the solution. Yes, in this gig, I have a knob linking the volumes and I had just forgotten about it :grimacing: !
Sorry for the dummy question and thanks for your help!