Twin fiddles and Mariachie brass

Years ago, I had an arranger keyboard and it had a setting whereby the right hand solo part could be set to follow chord input from the left hand. When a solo was played in the rh, several notes would sound but the notes would always be based on the the chord input.
Does such a VST plug in exist?

This has. plugins that work with GP.

I downloaded and instaled GIGLAD. It works fine as a standalone app, but it cant be used in GigPerformer. At least, GP doesnt find any giglad plugin

Giglad is an application and a plug-in host itself. If you wish to use it with another App, you can use the midi engine of giglad and virtual midi device (such as loopMIDI in Windows or IAC in MAC) in order to send the midi message from Giglad to your App.

Or you use the relayer plugin

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read documentation

Really Giglad is available as a plugin within gig performer?

How would this work? I only have in mind a couple of songs, so the Giglad vst is too expensive for such a limited use.

Not at all: Giglad can be used as a plugin host as indicated in the screenshot and as I said earlier. There is no plugin version.

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What you need is probably this plugin:

I see it has a demo. Ill give it a whirl.

And please, give us a feedback.

I have that plugin, it’s really useful for orchestral stuff

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