Turning play off and on with a widget?

Is it possible to turn “Play” off and on with a widget?

Not just yet but on our list for a GP update

With the awesomeness of GPScript you can!

   PLAYSTOP : Widget

On WidgetValueChanged(newValue : double) from PLAYSTOP
    If newValue == 1.0 Then

I have attached a sample gig file so you can see it in action.

Widget to Play-Stop.gig (5.5 KB)

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What is the primary purpose of using a widget to control the global play state?
In other words - what are you trying to accomplish exactly?


I want to be able to start and stop the metronome or playback of an audio file, or perhaps control whether a DAW plays or not.

@Jack - understood, but why do you need to do it using a widget? I’m trying to understand your workflow - maybe there is something we are missing…

Are you using a MIDI controller that you want to attach to a widget or an OSC touch surface or are you using the screen directly?

First of all, thanks for everyone’s help. It’s so appreciated. I have some experience with scripting (Filemaker database) but not actual coding so thanks for “holding my hand”. Rank13 sent a script which does what I want and think I get the general idea of it. However, when I try to implement the script on an existing backspace, I get an error that says this.

The widget ‘PLAYSTOP’ is declared in a script but does not exist in the rackspace called ‘Crazy Love’

My problem is that as far as I can tell, I do have a widget called “PLAYSTOP” in my rack called Crazy Love. I have included a screen shot showing what think should work but doesn’t. So I must be laboring under a misconception.

Your suggestions are much appreciated.

Did you give the widget a OSC/GPScript Name? (under the section Advanced)

Take care of Upper-/Lowercase!

I would still like to know what the primary purpose of this is :slight_smile:

Is it to

a) Use the screen on your computer during your performance or
b) Use a MIDI controller (or OSC controller) connected to a widget?


Primarily I want to use this to turn off the metronome or audiofile, or a drum plugin like Superior drummer while I am playing guitar and singing in front of a microphone. I would access it from a foot controller (probably bluetooth) and also use the controller to turn various plugins on and off.
pianopaul gave me the last piece of the “Mother May I” puzzle and lo and behold it works! Yay!
Props to pianopaul and rank13 for showing the path and thanks to everyone for paying attention to my requests.

Also I am wondering whether it is possible to have a global script so that I could apply this script to all of my rackspaces.

This is what I wanted to really know because there is already a global MIDI mapping for that function.

All you have to do is open Options->Global MIDI Settings and click on the “Learn” button next tot the Play/Stop line then push the button on your foot controller. Once you learn it you do not need any widgets, scripting or anything else to control your play/stop button

Hope this helps.

This is great information. Thanks. I currently don’t have a controller so I hadn’t looked into that aspect.

If you don’t have an available control knob, button, etc. on your controller keyboard, just use a keyboard note you don’t ever need to use…such as the high C7. Then open your MIDI In processor and make the MAX note in the Keyboard split B6. All the other notes will play and C7 will still trigger the metronome.

@Jack is most likely a guitar player … foot controller is his friend :slight_smile:

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Thanks jpt but I don’t use a keyboard on stage. I sing and play guitar so I will be using a foot controller to change racks or turn the playback head on and off, etc. I do play keyboards so perhaps in the future I will haul one to the gig.

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