Turning on Solo for a audio mixer track with GPScript

Is there a way I can directly address the Audio Mixer’s solo and mute buttons for a specific track through GPscript and turn them on/off?

Assign widgets to those parameters, and control those widgets in the script.

What is the syntax for turning a widget (button type) on and off via GPScript?

Is it:

SetWidgeValue(WidgetName,1.000) or SetWQidgetValue(Widgetname,0.000)

You give the widget a GPScript handle in the Advanced tab of the Widget Properties menu.

You can also directly access the Mixer block by giving it a GPScript handle, and then using SetParameter to change the respective parameter value.

Have you done any scripting before?

That’s cool. I will try the SetParameter as well.

Why do you ask, “Have you done any scripting before?”

Just curious how far into it you’ve gotten. I don’t want to give overly simplified answers if you’re experienced, and on the flip side I don’t want to give overly complex answers if you’re not. :slight_smile:

These work perfectly: SetWidgetValue(D1_Solo,1.000) or SetWidgetValue(D1_Solo,0.000)

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

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I am working on my new TX816 Developer’s Rackspace and I am trying to make it as user-friendly as possible. So when the user clicks the Dexed1 Button as in the pic, the Dexed1 Plugin is opened and its solo is activated in the mixer. This is a work in progress but it is coming along quite nicely. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Very nice. It looks like it will be very useful!

I am hoping it will be useful to people who are trying to get the best sounds from a virtual TX816. I hope to have it finished in about a week, once I sort out the precedence of “On WidgetValueChanged” callbacks! :joy:

Without getting into detail, the top slider lets the user select any GP Preset for the selected Dexed plugin. In my case, I have 112 GPPresets. Then the block of virtual buttons all change to show the available patches within the selected preset. When the user selects a specific Dexed (below) and then presses a patch button the MIDI is sent to the Dexed etc. etc. I hope I didn’t confuse you, but it is really cool and as friendly as I can make it with my level of GPscript expertise.

I will keep you posted when it is finished and ready for GPer’s to test it out. :slight_smile:

As David says, “be careful people might start using it for live use.” I hope not. LOL!

That’s definitely an ambitious project. I like it.
I think most of us around here using GPScript are somewhat similar in a ‘Mad Scientist’ way.
There is seemingly no end to the scope and size of any project we can imagine here. It’s a blessing and a curse!