Turn on modulation using velocity

I have a Novation Launch Key 88 without aftertouch that I use mainly for acoustic and electric piano. I’d like to create a split at the top end for sax soloing. Just wondering if I could compensate for the lack of AT by using velocity to turn on modulation. Is this the way to do what I want, or is there a better method that someone can suggest? Cheers.

Which plug-in are you using for sax?
In Kontakt (as long as the library is not locked …) or in Omnisphere you can map velocity to control a certain modulation of the sound.
Or a script could do this. Convert the note velocity to the mod wheel MIDI CC 1.

Velocity is difficult to control for modulation. Better would be a mod wheel, if you would have one hand free.

Chis Hein in Kontakt. I would like to do it using rh only if possible.

What about using an expression pedal for the sax?

What sort of expression pedal would I need?

Hm, the Launchkey88 has no input for an expression pedal - makes it more complicated :frowning:
Maybe a bad idea for you… Or you have to spend some extra money for one of these USB control boxes to connect switches or pedals to.

Or use one of these usb powered
Plenty about used

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