Tuner with Audio Through?!


Is it possible to switch to the tuner without muting the audio?

Would be great to check live during a session if you’re in tune :slight_smile:


At this point the built in tuner will always mute the output. I could put in a feature request that allows this, but in addition to enable sound one would also need to select the output channels to use etc…

I have my tuner button always mapped to one button on my foot controller so it’s really easy to switch between tuning and not tuning mode.

I’ll add your request anyway, but can’t promise when will it be implemented.


Thanks - that’s great :slight_smile:


What about using a second instance? (ok to some memorie/cpu cycles expense)
switch to the audio in question?


Yes of cause.That would be possible - I give it a try. I also thought about simply using a VST Tuner Plugin. But first I wanted to make sure, that I didn’t oversee the ‘unmute’ function in the tuner, which would be the easiest solution;-)


Can you add the ability to tune in something other than standard 440? +/- 10hz or so?


438 or 442 maybe :slight_smile: … I’ll amend the original request with this as well. Can’t promise anything though.