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Hi there,
I’m using GP as my primary sound source for live performance. I use it for keys as well as bass guitar.
I would like to know if there is a way to trigger the tuner from a button on the screen within a rack and then close it again. I’m using a touch screen as my main interface so the regular little menu button to open and close it is far too small. I need a button on the screen that is 20-30mm in diameter to activate and deactivate it quickly. I don’t want to have to bring another midi device and map it in the global settings. I want to map a button on the rack to the tuner.
Can you please let me know if there is a way to do that?
Thanks very much for your help.
Love the product!!

Are you on Mac?

I might be wrong, but if you use a button to display the tuner, you won’t be able to click on it anymore to exit the tuner, as it will be displayed in full screen and hide the button and everything else…
Unless there is a way to do not display the tuner in full screen.
Otherwise you could open/close a tuner plugin with a widget button.

Your are absolutely right
Better midi map a controller for the tuner in the global midi options.

I think this is something that might be worth addressing in our next release – perhaps just tapping anywhere on the tuner view would return it back to where it was.


Yes. Mini M1.

Yes. This is part of the issue.

At least a specific spot on the tuner view to close it would definitely help.

I don’t have a problem doing this at home. However, on the road, there is a backline and I don’t bring my own keyboard so I have to use what’s there and I don’t want to have to map a button or pedal on a keyboard that I’m not familiar with. I would much rather just press a button on my touch screen to bring up the tuner then press a button to close it again. This is really the only practical way for me to do this.

you know that you can midi map a midi controller for the tuner?
And with Rig Manager it is super easy to change settings when using a different controller.
You could also connect a small midi controller via USB.

Yes. I was able to do this with my home keyboard. The only trouble is that the only constant midi device from show to show is the sustain pedal. I mapped the sustain pedal as a momentary trigger to call up the tuner and it works beautifully when I’m playing bass. However, when I go to play keys, the tuner keeps popping up while I’m playing and muting the audio! LOL I don’t want to carry another USB controller with me if I don’t have to. I’d really like to just use a button on the screen to open and close it.

I understand, I am just looking for a solutions that works now.
I think you could also map the Note On C1 event for example.
Each keyboard should have a C1.

But keep in mind that when you map C1 you are not able to play the note C1.

Thank-you very much Pianopaul. I really appreciate the assistance. I’m very new to GP but am really enjoying the interface. It is so handy as a multi-instrumentalist.

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This is an interesting idea. I do know that there will be an 88 note controller at each show that I connect to my rack via a single midi cable. As you’ve suggested, I could just block out the A0 in all the keyboard setups and use it exclusively as a tuner trigger for the bass setups. This could work. I’ll try this when I get home. I am still hoping that there is a solution for the touch-screen at some point.

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Or you could use a third party tuner plugin (there are lots of free ones on the market)… this would then definetly open in a separate window.
And you could easily control it with a widget.


Hi Schamass,
Thanks very much for your suggestion. I actually tried this last night. I was able to successfully link the bypass for the tuner plugin using a switch widget. I couldn’t figure out how to open the plugin window using the switch and then close it again to bring me back. I also tried unsuccessfully to map the tuner display to a widget (this would be an interesting development idea though). Thank you again :slight_smile:

At the moment there is only the way to open/close a plugin window by using GPscript.
Maybe this will get easier at some point in the future.
But even the script is not difficult to do for this purpose (just a hand full of code lines and giving a name to the elements that are involved).

Perhaps this would help:

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Hehe… now you get your help as a double feature. :smiley:
I made some screenshots for you (in technicolor! :wink: )

  1. Give your plugin a script-name and acivate the use for scripting:
    2021-02-11 23_32_26-Window 2021-02-11 23_33_04-Window

  2. Use a button widget and give it a script-name too (Advanced Tab):
    2021-02-11 23_34_28-Window

  3. Open the Script Editor window and copy this code (it makes use of the names i used in the screenshots - if you use other names then you’ll have to adapt them to each other).
    2021-02-11 23_34_48-Window

mytuner : PluginBlock
btn_tuner : widget

On WidgetValueChanged (btn_val : double) from btn_tuner
If btn_val > 0.6 Then
    OpenPlugin (mytuner)
    ClosePlugin (mytuner)
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You’re he first person to have observed this issue but it’s really valid. I’m hoping that we can release an update at some point where simply touching anywhere on the tuner screen would be enough to switch back. What do you think of that idea?

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