Tuner broadcast via OSC?


So, I checked out the blogposts about OSC for guitar players. I’m a bassplayer myself, and I really wish for some way to see the tuner on an ipad or phone while playing (or tuning that is…)
I downloaded the TouchOSC file with the tuner, and the button and fader seam to work, but not the green number in the middle. It stays on zero, but it would be really nice if this syncs to the nagative or positive cent value for precise tuning.

Maybe I managed to knock something out of whack, I tried a re-download, but same thing.

It’s supposed to work like this, right? So I get a bar of approximate tuning info, and as well a number saying -xx cents?

Finally what would be the best place to go and learn this thing from scratch? I’m definately no computer geek, I start sweating when I see “/” so…but would be practical to learn.

Link: Gig Performer | Working with TouchOSC and Gig Performer [guest article]

This is the latest in-depth blog on TouchOSC.
No Tuner, but it’s a good place to begin with.

GP doesn’t send the cents offset, but you can convert the tuning value (which is between 0.0 and 1.0) into the cents offset by using TouchOSC’s scripting.

GP-iPad with Cents.tosc (5.9 KB)


function onReceiveOSC(message, connections)
  local value = message[2][1].value
  local cents = math.floor((value*100-50)+0.5)
  local centsText = tostring(cents)
  if cents > 0 then centsText = "+" .. centsText end
  self.values.text = centsText

Thank you so much, this is perfect!
Looking forward to test it with my main gp rig later today!