Tune in for Backstage with Gig Performer : Visual Elements


Hey all!

Thanks to all of you who attended last week’s first “Backstage with Gig Performer” live stream. We were so excited to connect with you all in a live context! We’ll be live again this Thursday, August 12th, for the second week of our 6-week series, Gig Performer Foundations. This week, we will be looking at how Gig Performer’s visual layout optimizes for efficiency and total control. Don’t forget to set a YouTube reminder for Backstage With Gig Performer - Visual Elements.

We hope to connect with you all soon, and to those of you who are available, we’ll see you Thursday at 1PM EDT for Backstage With Gig Performer.

Own The Stage® With Gig Performer®

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August 11 or 12? Or am I in the future?

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It’s the 12th - today :slight_smile: