Troubleshooting tip for no sound from a plugin

I ran into a problem last night where I was trying to use the Arturia Collection B3 and Korg Triton plugins for a couple of patches, but no sound was being produced. I spent a lot of time double checking the routing, making sure the plugins were enabled, gain was set, etc… I could swap in a different plugin and it worked just fine. I even tried re-installing the plugins, but nothing worked,

I eventually discovered that some plugins will only respond to midi channel 1. I have my external controller configured to use channel 5 when sending midi data to Gig Performer so it doesn’t not interfere with my hardware synth that I’lll initially keep using.

The solution was modifying the midi input for that patch and unchecking channel 1 on the left and re-mapping the incoming channel 5 to channel 1 and everything works now.

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See the tip No. 4 in this article: Gig Performer | Tips to troubleshoot your computer-based setup

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