Triggering a long glissando

I have an Arturia Keylab II 88 (and a number of analog synth VSTs) and am trying to emulate a long slow rising glissando similar to what happens here just after the three minute mark: Transvision Vamp - Baby I Don't Care (Official video) HQ - YouTube
I’d be interested to hear some different views on the options here, from a one off button press, to rotary dial, to buying some kind of ribbon controller? This effect is in a number of songs and really adds to the tension, so I’d like to start using it.

Use a pitchbend wheel

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Thanks Pianopaul, but would that work up 3 or 4 octaves?

Depends on your plugin.
You can map a widget to the oscillator tune and then midi learn the widget to your pitch bend controller.
So set the tune of the Oscillator to -24 semitones and with the pitch bend move it up to +24 semitones.
What VST do you have?

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Interesting. Ob-e would probably be my first choice, or maybe Mini V from arturia?

Yes, could work, but the oscillators maybe can only be tuned in fixed steps….

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Why not using a synth with portamento?


If you have the Arturia modeling collection then you could probably make this quite easily with their Moog Modular

That would be the easiest way, you are right.

I use a shepard tone generator in Gig Performer to do this kind of effect live in a song.
It’s not a glissando but it gives the illusion.
The advantage is that you can make it last forever at any speed you want.
I use mdashepard vst-64 and there is a Mac version.
This is the sound I use:


Hi David
Ideally I’d just hit one of the pads to trigger this so that I could carry on playing other sounds. I guess another alternative would be to just trigger an MP3 using audio player.

Hi Hermon
I always wondered what that effect was called, now I know. What a great idea, I’m going to try this next time we rehearse.
Thank you!