Transpose of rackspace variations are gone with update to GP 4.8

Hello and a happy New Year everybody!

I have just updated GP from 4.5 to the latest version 4.8. Now I have an issue with the MIDI In block transpose function regarding the usage in rackspace variations.

I have a Piano-Rackspace with variations which are individually transposed.
Like this:

  • Rackspace 1 Var. 1 - Piano T+00
  • Rackspace 1 Var. 2 - Piano T+04
  • Rackspace 1 Var. 3 - Piano T-03

I used the MIDI In Transpose function for that and the values were stored in each rackspace variation.
It was working fine in GP 4.5, but after updating GP this is now gone somehow. If I change the MIDI In transpose value in a variation, it is changed in all existing variations.

I would like to avoid changing global transpose and stay with this MIDI In transpose functionality. I liked this way to keep a single rackspace and just give the variations some transpositions when needed.

Is there a way to keep this, or is it completely gone with the update?

Thanks in advance, Greetings,

How did you transpose the MIDI in blocks?
Can you upload a small gig file, so I can check the issue?
I am sure that a transpose without using widgets is global for the rackspace.

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Hi @pianopaul, thanks for the quick reply.

I’m using the Midi In block by changing it’s transpose parameter with using up and down buttons.
It was working with GP 4.5 to have in every rackspace variation a different transpose value.

Now it’s like I change it in one variation, all variations are following the same new value. I did not change anything other than updating GP 4.5 to 4.8. Looks like something was changed in 4.8 (or 4.7).

I can upload a reduced gigfile if that helps, but I can’t recreate the GP 4.5 behaviour after the 4.8 update.

Ok, please upload a gig file.
I try to reproduce with 4.5

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A) those transpose values are remembered by widgets so do you have a widget attached to the transpose parameter?
B) Assuming you do, did you make sure that the widget is not set to ignore variations?

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I’m not sure if it helps…I had to save it with GP 4.8.
Thanks for your help!

Reduced_Gigfile_Transp_Problem.gig (2.1 MB)

Are those thing you’re talking about changes between GP 4.5 and 4.8 ? All worked fine with 4.5.

No, they are not changes. That is the way it has worked since GP version 1

Parameters in plugins are controlled by widgets.

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And in the rackspace you are controlling the transpose with widget!

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Yes, I assigned an up and down button for changing the MIDI In transpose value and a label to show the current value.

Yes, “ignorig variations” is off and “initial value on gig load” is on “last saved”

Found the “new feature”

You have to unlock the text widget, then all is working.
To Lock Widgets is a new feature.
In the past there were some issues with displaying parameter values in text widgets, this has been solved with the new “lock” feature.

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Perfect, thank you so much, that works!

Looks like all widgets are set to “locked” now…I will check all my rackspaces and widgets not to be surprised by something at the next gig.

What I still don’t understand:

  • the up and down buttons are locked, but I can still click them and changed the transpose value
  • the up and down buttons are not showing an assignment to the MIDI In block (only the label), but they are working

That may have something to do with creating them in 4.5 and opening up in 4.8?

You have to move the text widgets “-” and “+” then you can select the real widget and it is mapped to the corresponding parameter.

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My bad, that makes sense…I programmed them over a year ago, think I just forgot this :slight_smile:

No - only text widgets - because they have a new feature, the ability to change values rather than their just being read-only when you click on them - per the help message that appears when you unlock one.

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