Touchscreen with Gig performer

I am building a small giggig PC based on Intel NUC i7. At the moment I amntesting the Gig performer demo.
My fuyure setup should be:
Pianoteq 6 PRO
Vb3 II
UVI Synth collection
And some other free plugins for Mellotron, VOX, Farfisa.

My question is wether is better to buy a potable touchscreen or Protable monitor + keyboard with touchpad?
Is there anybody who has experience how the GP works with an approx 15inch touchscreen?

Thank you in advance!

Gig Performer works with a touch screen and we are constantly improving the experience.
Here is a slightly outdated, but very relevant video from 3rd party reviewer about Gig Performer and a touch screen

Hi @macsaif, welcome to the GP community. :wink:

My setup is also based on a NUC PC, a BRIX i7 from Gigabyte. For gigs, I have a small cheap 10’’ touch screen:

Regarding a computer keyboard, I would like to keep it at home when giging, but for the moment is is still difficult to do everything on the touchscreen, so I have this one:

But for preparing gigs or using a DAW in a much comfortable way, I recently bought this larger touch screen mounted on an arm to lift it from the front to the top my music rest:

I prefer a small 10’’ touch screen for gigs, as I like to face people over my controller keyboards (and with also an iPad for the scores, I don’t want to face a screen wall in front of me). When preparing gigs, a larger screen is much more comfortable, but a 15’’ one is probably a good compromise (be sure to chose one with hdmi and not usb). Regarding the computer keyboard, mine is illuminated and I can use it with or without a USB cable which makes it very convenient for gigs. But I argue as far as I can for gigs without a computer keyboard using the wonderful GP touchable widgets. In my opinion, for the moment, it is not 100% possible to go for a gig without a computer keyboard, but I think GP is really taking the right way regarding touch friendly GUI :+1:

Great information. I did kot know how to use the rack spaces. I will test it. If all the song is adjusted correcyly I think I di not have to touch anything just switch between 3 scenes, maybe just a few control knobs like resonance…erc., but I can control 4 parameters from the SL88 too. Maybe I will need some plugin to control the SL88 (switching On/off the 4 zones, and switching the 250 presets of the SL88. I think I will buy a 15inch touch screen.
Is there some midi automation that at choosing of the song the GP will send to SL88 a predefined MSB, LSB, PCh parameters?

There are several ways to do this, depending on your needs.

You can figure a single PC/Bank command from a song property dialog…

…but that can only send to a single MIDI output device as defined in Setlist options…

…with a little more work, you can send arbitrary MIDI commands to arbitrary MidiOut blocks from each song part


Please see this section of the user guide for more info

I am considering the following touchscreens:


Or Wimaxit 13.3 inch touchscreen.

I think you willl appreciate to use GP with a touch screen :+1:

I think I will buy the 13.3 inch Wimaxit touchscreen. I have a 14 inch notebook. It will be better for transport and should be enough to control (switch between songs, variations, etc. and maybe to control some drawbars,) what I need.

There is one more question. I have started tu build some rackspaces and songs…but the GigPerformer stopped to work at saving of the gig file. At the moment I am not able to start it because it can not load the default gig. The question is not related to this issue, hopefully it is not a standard thing.
So, my setup will be like this>
SL88 as main controller connected via USB to Intel NUC computer + MOTU M2 interface connected via USB . Touchscreen connected via HDMI1 USB for touch interface. Expressive-E controller connected via USB. DIY controller with Buttons/Leds to allow quick selection of SL88 patch and 3 function buttons for quick switching between song variations. The controller will be connected to MOTU Midi In/Out ports.
Todaz I have checked If I assign a PCH, MSB, LSB parameter to a song part and I am sending it to Gig performer it switches to the selected Song part, and if I switch between song parts it switches the assigned SL88 patch. Now I have to make work mz DIY controller.

  1. How can I adjust GP to listen to SL88 USB port and the MOTU M2 Midi In port too? I want to change song from SL88 and DIY controller too, and Song variations from the DIY controller. (Song is selected by PCH+LSB, variations by MSB)
  2. How can I send a MIDI message to MOTU M2 Midi OUT when I am selecting a song vriation?
  3. I made 2 songs with the same rackspace, the problem is that I was not able to select different patches in the plugins. If I want to make a second song with the same plugin configuration but different patches, do I have to create a second rackspace where I choose a different patch inside the plugin?

If I’m understanding your situation correctly, you might read up on using the Rig Manager in GigPerformer. This will allow you to make separate controller paths.

If you put an MIDI OMNI in block it will « listen » any incoming MIDI message. As an alternative you can insert separately a MIDI in block for the SL88 USB port and another on for the MOTU M2. How you want to use it exactly is not clear to me.

What do you exactly want to do ?

I think it is by far better. Perhaps you could read this: