touchOSC arguments regarding FLOAT or <double>

having some success creating touchOSC templates such as the one attached for PluginAlliance SVT bass amp plugin. I can create buttons and faders and radials and such , but some underlying questions regarding FLOAT as opposed to double which I’ve only read about but not implemented successfully .
AFAIK touchOSC requires an argument of some sort beyond say “/radial2/SetValue”.
in the documentation “OSC messages” …
/oscHandle/SetValue address is followed by the argument "Double(0.0 … 1.0)’
baffled to what that is or why it is recommended as using it as an argument in place of the default “x” FLOAT makes the associated widget non functioning. Wondering what insight any may have to these arguments pun intentional that is … ?? Thanks !

I don’t understand the question.

You should be able to write

/somehandle/SetValue 0.0 or

/somehandle/SetValue 0.2 or

/somehandle/SetValue 1.0


What exactly is the problem?

Hi thanks for the reply , more looking into insight regarding the argument that follows the address in touchOSC …

I’ve read here in forum replies that’s its better to send “doubles” rather than “FLOAT” and without really knowing what that entails my question was to that .

Further what does the argument “Double(0.0 … 1.0)” refer to in the GP Osc documentation

It means that the TYPE of the value must be a double (float will work too) rather than an integer or a string (for example).

By the way, TouchOSC works just fine with GP.

2021-09-10 17-54-17.2021-09-10 17_54_39

Here are the settings that I used

and in Gig Performer, I just named the widget handle radial2

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@bobco631 in this context Double is the same as Float. What you had set up for your radial1 control looks correct and should work (assuming when you click on the “x” argument it shows it is defined as “Float”).

If it’s not working, it’s probably an issue/misalignment with your OSC ip/port settings between TouchOSC and GP. Are you testing locally (on the same computer) between the TouchOSC desktop app and GP? Has any OSC communication worked?


Wow ! awesome reply if I say so ! Thank you very much , I was renaming all aspects of the address I didn’t realize what default parts I could leave in the address , caveat of the touchOSC documentation being so basic , I’ve learned more in this forum than on any other and this is Gig Performer not touchOSC of course ! I’ve had great success with a lot of simple aspects of widgets and touchOSC but wanting to implement more so learning deeper knowledge is much appreciated !

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