Touch OSC


I was just about to get a controller when I saw that GigPerformer works with the TouchOSC app. $4.99 isn’t bad for a remote control, but I wonder just how solid it is in conjunction with GP?
Has anybody tried this extensively? Thanks.


I mostly use Lemur but TouchOSC is pretty good…however, last time I looked at TouchOSC it didn’t support multi-line labels, which is something I find very useful.

I just finished setting up a Lemur template for use with Gig Performer to use with my bands. If you configure things properly, you get two-way communication along with the ability for Gig Performer to automatically update labels and values when you switch rackspaces.

Below are images of the rackspace I use for the song Sheep (from Pink Floyd) and the corresponding view on my iPad running Lemur. Here are the key points… (NB, some of them depend on Gig Performer 1.2.3 which will be released in a few days)

  1. The rackspace name and current variation is displayed at the top
  2. All widgets with OSC names of the form Knob1, Knob2, Slider1, etc show up on Lemur with automatic labels. The widget values stay synced whether you turn them on GP or on Lemur
  3. Unused widgets are labeled with a '-'. Note that this is done through the Lemur scripting system. I don't know whether TouchOSC has a scripting system. I read somewhere that it supports Lua but I haven't confirmed this
  4. The bottom left button called Tap is used to setting BPM via tap tempo
  5. You can tap on Tuner to switch GP into guitar tuner mode and then you can see the note and offset on your iPad
  6. The Refresh button is used to ask GP to send the entire state again. I added this feature to GP because I have found over the years that OSC on a wireless connection is not very reliable for non-continuous data, sometimes labels don't get updated and so forth. So if you switch to a new rackspace and your data doesn't get updated, you can just tap on Refresh to try again
  7. If you have label widgets for such things as song notes, then those can be sent to Lemur as well

Except for multi-line labels, the above works in TouchOSC as well, my partner has been creating a similar template for TouchOSC.

We will make these templates available for download as soon as we release 1.2.3


Thanks for your reply, David. TouchOSC looks interesting, but also a little intimidating. Something to think about, though.


Well, we will have basic templates for both Lemur and TouchOSC so that might help.

As I said, I’m less familiar with TouchOSC but I will tell you that I have been using Lemur for at least 5 years and it is awesome to be able to see the status of your system on a touch screen right in front of your keyboards as well as to be able to, well, touch, the screen to adjust something.


Wow, thanks David for taking the time for show this in action and the Lemur template as jump start.

Just in case someone wonders where the aforementioned template is :wink: