Tonocracy - guitar tone and effects software

The ultimate and NOW FREE guitar tone and effects software from Atomic Amplifiers!

While Tonocracy comes armed with our own incredibly accurate ToneSnap gear snapshot technology, our goal is to create a platform that can incorporate the latest set of tools that the community is embracing. Neural Amp Modeler (NAM) is a ground breaking open-source project that uses deep learning to create gear models, and boasts an impressive set of content made by an enthusiastic community. We give NAM users a home where they can easily mix and match their favorite amp tones with the best of what Tonocracy has to offer.

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I tried it. I don’t see the use for it within GP. For one thing, it uses at least 15% more CPU with only NAM loaded inside it than loading nam by itself into GP. It also takes away NAM’s midi control functionality, as Tonocracy offers no midi support whatsoever. How will you control it’s parameters with widgets?