Toggling Sustain On And Off

There is probably a simple answer to this I am overlooking, but I have a situation where I want sustain enabled or unblocked for just a bit of time and then return to it being blocked/disabled. Using racks or variations for this is not an option I don’t think, as it would need to be done with CC message.

Just attach a button to the Sustain event block option in a midi in block

Right, of course! Thank you. I forget to think of the MIDI In block in that way with those paramters acessible

Hmmm, what if you have the sustain pressed while you switch to a variations where the CC64 is blocked? :grimacing:

I don’t know why he wants to do what he’s doing so all I did was show how to do what he wants to do.

You are right. By the way I thought it is… “she“… am I wrong? :grimacing: