Toggling Fabfilter Pro-Q 3 Fullscreen

Hello everyone,

I noticed that plugins will sometimes have parameters not accessible to widget-mapping. Clicking these will not trigger a Param#. How does one access “invisible widgets” inside of a a plugin?

Specific example:
I am trying to make a widget that toggles the fullscreen of Fabfilter Pro-Q 3. It is currently toggled by an “invisible” button in the plugin interface. My current strategy is to have a widget send an osc signal to trigger a left-mouse click patch in BOME MIDI Translator Pro.

Is there a way to do this within Gig Performer?

I don’t think so. You would need a third party app (possibly Apple Script) to simulate a mouse click.

I have Keyboard Maestro, and I was able to define an action to click the mouse in the front-most window of GP (e.g. the Pro-Q 3 window if it was open) at the precise coordinates of the fullscreen button (it allows you to record the position manually, which makes this easy).
You can then set the trigger to be a Midi note from a specific device (I tested with my X-Touch Mini).