Tiny audio interface for playback only

I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge of or recommendation for a very small audio interface for audio playback? I prefer at least 3 outputs. I’d be using L/R out for my gig performer stereo out, and I need an additional out that I could send GP’s click to.

This one almost works, but looks like the 1/4" is not an assignable out (if I am understanding the manual correctly). But something roughly this size would be amazing!

I’d be worried about the quality of the device driver of anything hat inexpensive.
It’s a bit bigger but have you looked at the bus powered MOTU M4? I’ve been testing that interface and it works very well, totally bus powered.

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I second the M4, it’s great and has a lot of versatility. Hard to beat.

I know other GP users also like the M2 which is a bit smaller and more affordable.

Thank you for the idea. I have the UMC204HD which looks similar, and it is great. I am looking for a much smaller interface with significantly fewer features and smaller footprint.

Hmm… the problem is the third independent output you need to have.
The only interface i found which has more than two outputs and which is significantly smaller than your Behringer, is this MOTU MicroBook:

But it’s not a real bargain.
I personally use the Focusrite Scarlett Solo which is also quite small, but it only has L/R outputs.

So, I ended up getting the IK Multimedia iRig HD 2, and I love how small it is. Only problem is that it doesn’t solve all my needs in that I can’t output click from GP live. I could use one of the 2 outputs for click if I used mono for my audio out, but I prefer stereo. But for travel, I can work with it and run click externally. The small footprint of the iRig HD 2 makes this perfect for many of my travel needs.