Timeline and action


I would like to apply a filter plugin on a voice and change the filter value on a time period in a sweep way, not a jump for value 1 to value 2 but a linear increase or decrease btw the 2 value.
I plan to use the streaming audio player to set the 2 marker points in the backtrack audio file and trigger the FX value for a filter plugin (Fabfliter micro or another one).
Can someone advise how to achieve this ?

Hi @willmodelisme, you might need to combine the timeline action with something like this custom scriptlet (which has been built with GP script).

See if you can first get this to work in controlling your filter parameter. Then, as a second step, you could trigger it from the timeline action.

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I’ll check this, many thanks. Yes I can already control my filter in midi via Stream deck+ rotary.
I’ll go for next step with scirptlet.