Thunderbolt advantage for live performance?

I have just bought a Surface Pro 8 for use with GP and it has two Thunderbolt 3 ports. My Focusrite Scarlett interface can be set to work using Thunderbolt. My primary use is live performance, so is there much or any, advantage in changing from USB to Thunderbolt when performing?

As the bandwidth of USB2 is still enough for our audio needs, Thunderbolt is not mandatory even if you play very quickly


but the latency of thunderbolt is much lower than usb for the same buffer size, which is great if you are processing audio signals.

*some RME USB interfaces are really close though!

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I don’t know much about that, but it is perhaps because I own an RME audio interface :wink:


Nowadays, any computer with sufficient computing power and a decent audio interface will enable to get a low latency in GP, but in the condition of using stable and resource-efficient plugins.
Now, if you push the software to its limits, the quality and performance of a computer’s components may make a difference, but I think it’s wiser to manage the capacity of the hardware reasonably and manage headroom to work in the best conditions.