THU plugin

I may have missed this somewhere, but why do I see the THU plugin listed as available after installing GP4? Is this a trial session for THU or a freebie? I’m confused, I mean it sounds great, but hmm? Also, I am LOVING GP4!! This great software just got better! Congrats to the development team for this fantastic work. Cheers.


It’s a freebie… included in GigPerformer 4 is now the THU-Essentials package, which contains a bunch of amps, cabinets and effects. Enough to get some cool sounds for a start in GP4!
There are also included some cool amps and keyboard plugins from “Lost in 70s”!

Maybe you also haven’t seen this community-collection of ready made rackspaces and panels yet?

If so… you might have some fun now. :smiley:


Wonderful. Thank you very much for the info and links. I certainly will enjoy working on all of this. Take care!