THU plugin

I may have missed this somewhere, but why do I see the THU plugin listed as available after installing GP4? Is this a trial session for THU or a freebie? I’m confused, I mean it sounds great, but hmm? Also, I am LOVING GP4!! This great software just got better! Congrats to the development team for this fantastic work. Cheers.


It’s a freebie… included in GigPerformer 4 is now the THU-Essentials package, which contains a bunch of amps, cabinets and effects. Enough to get some cool sounds for a start in GP4!
There are also included some cool amps and keyboard plugins from “Lost in 70s”!

Maybe you also haven’t seen this community-collection of ready made rackspaces and panels yet?

If so… you might have some fun now. :smiley:


Wonderful. Thank you very much for the info and links. I certainly will enjoy working on all of this. Take care!


Hello. I can’t find a model list for the Overloud TH-U Essential package which comes with gp4. Can someone tell me what is included or can give a link where I can find it? Thanks!

Open TH-U and look at the Items window: you will see the 17 installed plugins.

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I own the full package of th-u so I can’t see what is included with GP4 only. I only use the standard stomp effects of th-u and the included package in GP4 might be enough. So I am thinking of selling the full pack TH-U plugin. I can not find an info at the website of GP4.

Overloud kindly gave us permission to include their Essentials with Gig Performer but we did not feel it necessary to explicitly describe what’s in it. We include it so that new users can more easily test Gig Performer in the case where they do not have any plugins at all.
We cannot guarantee what effects will (or will not) be included in a future update of that package so if you have the full version, you should keep it.


Thanks for this reply. Helped a lot!

By the way. Gig Performer 4 is great. Upgraded from GP3! Keep on the good work, this community is awesome too!


I also saw this on install and wondered what it was. So I found this page, and decided not to install it, because the system with GP on it is a little tight on disk space and THU didn’t sound like something I’d use, at least in the near term. But when I went back to the computer to decline installation, the screen asking me whether to install it it seemed like it must have timed out, because it disappeared just as I was walking over to it, and it completed the installation without my answer. So I actually don’t know for sure whether it installed THU or not. Am I correct in assuming that, if I don’t see any “THU” items come up when I select “insert a plugin,” they are not installed?

You can open the plugin manager to see if they are there.