Thorsten Hillmann

Thorsten Hillmann is a keyboardist from Germany. He has been making music on the keys since the age of 10. His first workstation was Yamaha EX7.

Over the years, he used many other workstations such as Korg Kronos/Nautilus, Yamaha Modx/Montage, Burzweil PC4, Studiologic Numa X Piano… When he found out about Gig Performer he immediately recognized its value.

He created many video tutorials for Gig Performer in German on his YouTube channel:

  • Einsteiger Tutorial Soundwechsel ohne Abbruch in den Variationen von Gig Performer - LINK
  • Einsteiger Tutorial Gig Performer CC in Notenwerte umwandeln - LINK
  • Einsteiger Tutorial Gig Performer AU Sampler auf dem Mac eigene Samples nutzen - LINK
  • Einsteiger Tutorial Died in your arms vom Kronos in GigPerformer übertragen - LINK
  • Einsteiger Tutorial Yamaha Modx / Montage Szenen wechseln mit den variations von Gig Performer - LINK
  • Beispielsound Dein ist mein ganzes Herz für das Triton Extreme VST Plugin Coversound - LINK
  • Narcotic auf dem Triton Extreme VST unter Gig Performer so geht das! - LINK
  • Coversound König von Deutschland Beispielsound Rio Reiser mit VST Plug Ins und Gig Performer - LINK

He told me:

In the next months there will be more videos about Gig Performer. It’s so powerful and without the limitations of the hardware workstations.

The plugins that he uses are: Korg Collection 3, Studiologic Numa Player, Roland XV5080 , Arturia V7 Collection and more.

More information:


Wenn man vom Teufel spricht …
(Speaking of the devil :slight_smile: )

Today he published a new Gig Performer tutorial:


Is he a member of these forums?

Yes, he is.

For those who liked the Narcotic sound, it is uploaded here - check it out :slight_smile:

Ah… found him!
His nickname here is @Toeti
Nice work, btw! :+1: :beers:

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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

And @schamass thank you for the support at the beginning of my journey!


You’re welcome! :slight_smile:
BTW: I like the “Narcotic” sound in your video - this sounds quite similar to the original… what’s the patch your are using for the Triton Extreme?

The latest video


Keep ‘em comin’ :slight_smile:



Thorsten Hillmann has a lot of songs (especially german songs) in his setlist, that I play with my cover band, so that his Youtube-Videos are very interesting for me.

I wait for “Hollywood Hills” from Sunrise Avenue.


What VST do you use? It could be one of the next song :slight_smile:

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I have them all … :wink: … and a Korg Kronos.

We play this version with the “whapp whapp whapp”: Sunrise Avenue Hollywood Hills live @ Coke Sound Up - YouTube

Complete Intro only keys.

Einsteiger Tutorial Gig Performer Keyboard Tastatur Splitten, wie das geht? Erfahrt ihr hier!

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Einsteiger Tutorial Hotone Ampero Zusatzpedale und Gig Performer

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Loupedeck Einführung als Controller für Gig Performer

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Magedok Tragbarer Touchscreen Monitor 10,8 Zoll für Gig Performer und Keyboarder


Radio Buttons

New Auto Sampler tutorial (in German! :slight_smile: )

Einsteiger Tutorial BlueARP Software Arpeggiator OMG Instruments

Very nice stuff for German speaking audience. :slight_smile:

Yet another video! Now is the Rig Manager in focus.


Ein erster Ausblick auf die Sync Funktion der Widgets!


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