The Security Project releases Slowburn


Blatant self-promotion here - The Security Project (one of the bands with which I tour) just released a new live album taken from our last tour. All the keyboard parts were realtime using only Gig Performer.

In particular, the last piece, the Genesis Medley which I created and arranged, uses about 30 rackspaces and with the benefit of Gig Performer’s Patch Persist™ feature, I was able to cycle through all the sounds I needed as I was playing with absolutely no glitching.

You can listen to all the tracks here.



Awesome job, David.
Quality band, quality music, and quality performances!


Beautiful! and everything sounds so clean!


Lovely! And really good recording quality! Good morning listen!


Very nice, David.

I really enjoy your Genesis Medley best. Reminds me of the ole days!

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Real Music … how refreshing. Great work.


It sounds fantastic, David. I also went on TSP website and listened to some additional songs. I particularly like your version of “Games without Frontiers!”. How are you managing synchronization of the LFO/PAN filter sweep in sound? Do you have some type of tap-tempo going, or is the band playing to a click of some type at that point?



There are different filter sweeps all over that song. Which one are you thinking of? There are no clicks being used.


At the beginning of the chorus, starting on the word ‘knockout’, going through “If looks could kill they probably will.”. At 2:32 on the version on the home page.



I was interested and searched:
I think David plays 8th notes and with some automation the filter opens up, right?


Yes that is correct, I play two keys which are mapped to the same note. When I start playing, a ramp is triggered that slowly opens the filter.
When I stop playing those notes, that ramp resets, ready for the next time. There is no LFO.


Found this, another user did similar (ACHTUNG DEUTSCH):

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