The Recreational

Another great show last night with Gig Performer as the nexus of my live rig.

My organ tones come from the XK-5 into GP, all the other keybaord sounds (piano, rhodes, OB-X, Mood, Clav, etc…) are VST based as are my Leslie amp and effects, etc… Plus my in-ear monitor mix is run from Gig Performer as well. PC messages from GP update my patches on the XK in sync with my VST rackspaces.

It’s so nice to be able to customize my setup and have full control over things so regardless of the environment I am in things are mostly the same.


just after sound check

second set


Glad to know it’s working well for you.

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Mood as in Apesoft Mood?

Thank you for sharing! :beers:

EDIT: if you liked this article, here is another article from Brandon.

typo…. Moog

Ah, that makes better sense. AFAIK Mood is iOS-only. I was curious if it had been ported.

Cool. No video? Love to see it…



Two Moog apps (model D and System 15) were made in a special format called AUv3. This format is compatible with iOS and MacOS.
Extremely interesting…
But as AUv3 usable only by LogicPro.
Luckily Moog decided later to supply a “VST wrapper” to allow every host on MacOS to use their apps.
They are cheap if you check season discounts, and extremely good.
So yes, you can use them inside GigPerformer (if you use a Mac…)!

Can you share more about how you were running your IEM mix with it?

Yes happy to…

I have a mixer setup in my global rackspace… all my keyboard channels both internal VST and my external Hammond run into this mixer matrix… and just like a real mixer I have different buss sends and the ability to mix my levels and assign my sources to those buss sends independantly.

One mix goes to front of house and that mix is only my keyboard sounds. I balance as needed my different sounds against one another… keeping them topping out around -18 db (digital).

The other mix is my monitor mix and this is my keyboard sounds AND an external mix that runs into my audio interface and into GP. This external mix is the rest of the band, vocals, drums, bass, guitar cabniet mics… ambient mic… everything but my keyboards. This external mix has a gain control on it.

This way I can adjust the external mix against the levels of my keyboards and if my piano is too quiet against my organ… but it works for FOH as it is… I can boost my piano only for my ears, turn down all my keyboards against the external mix, etc…

I can run reverb on my keyboards at different levels to FOH and to my ears if FOH wants a dry mix, etc…

It’s all routed with mixers, mutes, solos, even a Pre Fader Level button that I have in my global rackspace mixer.

My audio interface has two stereo outs, one goes to FOH the other to my Rolls headphone amp which I run my ears from. I have that last gain stage on a physical knob to raise/lower the level of my ears wtih.

Oh and all my mixer controls are driven by widgets and also by my Korg Nano2 controller so I can just push levels up and down with sliders (FOH) and rotary controls (MON MIX).

The really important thing to do is to wire this all up in a way so the incomming external mix can in no way be sent back out to FOH! So in my wiring matrix those incomming conections do not in any way run to the FOH outs… I don’t rely on a mute button or fader level to police that.

I’m not at my system but if you’re interested I could share my global rackspace/pannel at a later time.

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That’s awesome! Thank you so much for sharing.

I just played another great show last night with my band The Recreational, this time an outside rooftop show! Everything went great and we sounded fantastic.

The soundman had not heard of GP but was impressed with my well pre-mixed output setup and my personal IEM self-mix setup.

This time I simplified my GP Gig file down to just 1 rackspace! I made use of the “Notes On” control in the midi input blocks to control my sounds and in a few cases I used bypass where I didn’t need overlapping audio on plugins that required heavy resources.

I was able to get my Hammond organ input, my backup organ VST, my Leslie 145 mic signal chain and my backup Leslie VST, my Acoustic Pianos (Pianotec and IK Allan Parsons Grand) my Rhodes, Wurli, Clav, Syntronik Yamaha GS-1, Mellotron, Moog, OB-X, Spitfire Strings (6 instances), Kontact Player/Big Fish Audio Horns and a number of instances of VCS1 channel strip… all in one rackspace with excellent performance.

This made it easy to change things around wtihout having to make adjustments across multiple rackspaces and I could still assign variations to songs in setlist mode. It also made for a very quick gig loading time.

This single rackspace covered 25 songs easily.



That’s not my extension I can see on your laptop is it? :smiley: If so, it makes me happy to see it in action!


Yes it is @rank13 !

It’s my preferred chords/lyrics viewer since it has dark mode, customizable fonts, sizes and colors.



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Just had another great gig… slightly evolved GP based setup since last time.

XK-5 organ → Leslie 145 direct, 4 to 8 channels of midi routed via GP (depending on config)

Roland RD-64 as controller only, no internal sounds used.

GP 4 on same old laptop with mostly Pianoteq and Arturia VSTs (Moog, Mellotron, OB-Xa, etc…)

Runnning a few new GP Scripts too… all worked seamlessly.

Single rackspace, using GP Selector Lyrics/Chords Edition and Seltlist mode.

Everything worked acording to plan.