The latest update for Windows 11 deactivates GP

Remember to deactivate any programs requiring activation before launching this update.
If the damage is done, you can go back in time by uninstalling this version, then deactivating the programs, restarting the update and reactivating.

If “damage” refers to “lost activation”, don’t worry – even if you’re prompted to enter your license info, the activation is not lost.

“damage” refers to launching the update before deactivating GP. It just means that one have to go back to last version, deactivate GP, etc… :wink:

This is a common problem that also affects plugins depending on their registration model.

This is not just a Windows 11 issue. Any Windows OS feature update also requires deactivation of the affected plugins prior to the upgrade. The VB3-II plugin requires this procedure.

Fortunately, this is not the case with every update, because you should have to deactivate all the programs concerned more than ten times a year! I have more than thirty programs requiring deactivation, so I only do it when the update seems to be important.

There is a distinct difference between OS “feature updates” and regular updates such as security patches etc. Feature updates are only released by Microsoft twice a year (e.g. 22H2).

For the regular updates you do not need to perform the deactivate and reactivate procedure.

For the “feature” updates you do have to follow that procedure for the affected plugins.

That is not necessarily true - you never know exactly what a Windows (or Mac) update is going to do that might make GP think the computer identification has changed.

You should always deactivate.

Totally agree, but the one I am talking about is just a cumulative update for 22H2.

Doesn’t matter. As I said, we have no idea what any update, cumulative or other does that can make the machine appear to be different.