The compressor do not work in VST3 of the UAD API Vision Channel Strip Collection

In GigPerformer 5.0.9 under Mac OS 11.7.10, the compressor does not work only on VST3 of the UAD API Vision Channel Strip Collection. No problem in AU, and no problem in other DAWs (Studio One). Can this be improved?

Do you run it natively or under Rosetta?

Forgot to mention, it is a native Intel environment.

Plugins are Intel?
What happens when you run GP in Rosetta?

We do not use Rosetta as it is an Intel Mac.

What exactly does “do not work” mean”

Do they validate or not? Do they open or not? Can you instantiate them or not? Do they make noise, do they respond to parameter changes?

The LED meter on the VST3 version in the compressor(225L) section does not light up.

Further investigation revealed that the 225L compressor threshold on the VST3 version is not working.
The volume just goes up without compression; the AU version compresses fine and the LED meter lights up.

Interesting but we have no control over that. Sounds like it is not responding properly to being called to initialize itself. We’ve seen this a few times where developers make assumptions that aren’t necessarily valid. GP exercises the VST SDK very deeply and unfortunately we are somewhat of a canary for early detection of bugs. Have you reported this to the plugin developer?

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Plug-in developers are on the UAD side, right?
We have not reported it yet.

We have reported this to Universal Audio, but it seems that immediate support is difficult to obtain, as the following response states.
“Because GigPerformer isn’t officially supported for Native UAD plug-ins our ability to offer support will be very limited in this case.”

But it seems that they can provide feedback to the development team.